Certified Story deeply respect and observe the ethics surrounding your personal information and how we use it. 

Routine Information Collection

For the company’s aim to improve its service quality, it utilizes web servers to access, collect and segregate basic information from our web visitors. This information comprises I.P.  address, timestamp, page suggestions, and all other impersonal details.

Cookies and Web Beacons

Certified Story uses cookies and web beacons for tracking our web visitors’ main inclinations, favorites, common searches, and even search patterns. The main goal of this access is to provide our visitors a more fulfilling searching experience the next time they visit our site. Through the cookie suggestions, certifiedstory.com is able to provide reference pages, ads, and links to widen our visitor’s browsing context. 

Affiliates of the certifiedstory.com may also opt to access and use cookies and web beacon information for the same purpose. Therewith, this action falls within the jurisdiction of their own company policy. 

Controlling Your Privacy

Note that the Certified Story provides visitors the privilege to control and limit accessible information from their end by enabling/disabling their browsing settings. A most recommendable action involves disabling the cookies from each site. 

Special Note About Google Advertising

Like Certified Story Google and its third parties may opt to access browsing information from visitors (subject within their own privacy policy) to expand their ads suggestions on their visitors’ server. Learn to disable Google cookie usage to boost privacy. 

Collected contact information

All information Certified Story collects from its visitors are subject to its set legalities and limitations. These limitations include not selling the information, not divulging information to other parties, and not utilizing the information to access private and personal details. Rather, certifiedstory.com aims only to use information for correspondence, home decor product updates, home care tips, and ad recommendations all lined up for the visitor’s advantage.


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